Dog day care center in Perth

We offer a great Dog day care center in Perth for dogs who doesn’t get much exercise during the day, for dogs who get really bored when their owners are away for work, or just to play, socialise and stimulation.

  • Doggy Day care service operates Monday to Saturday, except Sundays & Public holidays.
  • Please book for Doggy Day care prior to attending.
  • We open at 6.30 AM so that you can get to work on time. Pick up between 3PM – 6PM.
  • Your dog will get minimum of 6-7 hours to play in our grass yards and the doggy ponds depending on what time you drop off and pick up. The earlier you bring the dog in, the more time they spend in the yards.
  • Friendly dogs can play, exercise and socialise with other similar sized friendly dogs. Unsocial dogs can still go in grass yards to run, play and exercise by their own.
  • The dogs will be locked inside their own kennel with a bed during midday for a short break; however, they can enjoy indoors as the kennels are air-conditioned.
  • We offer FREE One on One Play sessions for all Day-care dogs with lots of human interaction on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This is absolutely free for all Day-care dogs.
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