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What is Hydrotherapy for Dogs and How Can It Help?

What is Hydrotherapy for Dogs and How Can It Help

If your pup is experiencing joint issues, pain or arthritis, you may want to consider hydrotherapy. Hydrotherapy for dogs is a type of therapy that uses water to help ease pain and promote healing. This therapy can help improve your dog’s range of motion, flexibility, and muscle strength.

Your dog can also use hydrotherapy just for fun!

What is hydrotherapy for dogs?

Losing the use of your limbs can be devastating for anyone—even our furry friends. Hydrotherapy is often used as a form of physical therapy for humans recovering from an injury, but did you know that it can also help your dog?

Hydrotherapy uses water to help dogs with mobility issues move their joints and muscles without putting too much pressure on them. The buoyancy of the water helps support their weight, while the resistance provides a gentle workout. This type of therapy can be beneficial for dogs who are dealing with arthritis, hip dysplasia, ligament damage, and more. While there are many ways to provide hydrotherapy for your dog, one of the most popular methods is using an underwater treadmill. This machine allows your pup to walk or run in a controlled environment with little risk of further injury. Other options include pools and spa-like treatments.

If you think hydrotherapy might be right for your dog, talk to your veterinarian about whether it’s a good option and how often you should do it. They will likely recommend starting out slowly and gradually increasing the intensity and frequency of sessions as your dog gets stronger.



What to expect during hydrotherapy sessions for your dog.

Hydrotherapy can help to,

·         Improve your dog’s quality of life by providing them with a low-impact form of exercise that is ideal for those with joint or mobility issues.

·         Reduce your dog’s pain and inflammation, as well as aid in the healing process after an injury or surgery.

·         Provide your dog with mental stimulation and help to relieve boredom or anxiety.

·         bond with your dog and give them some one-on-one attention.



How often should a dog undergo hydrotherapy?

The number of sessions or length of treatment depends on the dog’s condition. Vets advocate permanent hydrotherapy for older dogs with arthritis. For injured dogs, a few sessions spread out over a couple of weeks should be enough to get them walking normally again. If you’re looking to kickstart your dog’s weight loss, hydrotherapy treatments should be longer and more frequent than usual.

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What is Hydrotherapy for Dogs and How Can It Help?